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Discover Why Your Company Needs Fatigue Competency Training

Training & Workshops

Supervisor Fatigue Training Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide your supervisors the knowledge and tools they need to assess and manage fatigue in your workplace. Strategic tools for assessing worker fatigue and approaches for managing it on the job empower your supervisors to understand and mitigate fatigue risk.

Worker Fatigue Training Workshops

Worker fatigue can lead to workplace health and safety issues. You train your workers on other workplace hazards, train them to be able to manage fatigue impairment. Worker training can be a critical part of a changing your workplace culture and creating a comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Strategy.

Harassment Prevention Training Workshops

Harassment and workplace bullying creates negative work environments and can greatly impact your overall corporate culture and business goals. This training addresses legislative requirements and teaches your employees how to manage conflict and create a respectful workplace.

Stress Management Workshops

These workshops are designed to build stress resiliency within your employees. They focus on understanding what causes stress and developing positive strategies to build resiliency and better manage stress both at work and at home. Workshops can be customized based on your timelines and needs. Practical tools and strategic approaches are provided throughout the workshop.

Senior Leadership Awareness

Through our Five Step Strategic Approach,we provide the senior leadership team in your organization the background information they need to better support and endorse a risk-based approach to Human Risk Factors including fatigue, stress, harassment and workplace bullying, psychological health and safety, and other related challenges.

Supervisor Training

We can provide your supervisors the tools they need to assess and manage harassment and workplace violence, psychological health and safety, and other related Human Risk Factors. Call us and ask us how we can personalize these training sessions to fit your company’s needs.

Employee Safety Training

We offer your company a variety of training solutions. From online training to event presentations, lunch-and-learns, and conference keynotes, we can give your employees the information they need to work safely.  All of our training sessions can be customized to fit the needs of your employees.

Lunch‘n Learns

We offer a variety of lunch and learn topics to engage your employees and expand their skills and knowledge. Current lunch and learn presentations include:

Lunch’n Learns are an excellent way to provide engaging sessions on interesting topics during a time period when employees can relax and enjoy the information. We offer a variety of Lunch’n Learn topics to engage your employees and expand their skills and knowledge. If you are interested in a Lunch’n Learn session, please contact us to see how we can customize our sessions to fit your company’s needs. Current lunch and learn presentations include:

Corporate Lunch'n Learns

Event and Keynote Presentations

Topics will be fully customized to your conference/event attendees:

Waking Up to Fatigue Factors in the Workplace

Sleep is one of our basic biological needs, yet it is often the one we know the least about. Fatigued workers can be a significant occupational safety hazard but Fatigue Management Competency Training can help to improve one's ability to manage fatigue. This session empowers both organizations and individuals to understand the science behind fatigue, how fatigue impacts a workplace, and the current best practices used to effectively manage it.


‘Stressed for Success’ Building Stress Resiliency

Are your employees feeling stressed? They are not alone! In fact, stress impacts many of us with 47% of employed Canadians considering work to be the most stressful part of their lives and 1 in 4 feeling that they are constantly dealing with moderate to high levels of stress.

Stress is often something we feel we cannot control, yet there are many things we can do to improve how stress impacts our lives. How we view stress is a key factor in dealing with it. By better understanding what causes us stress and how we react to it, we can develop stronger coping strategies and increase our resiliency.

Proactive employers are beginning to recognize the importance of stress management as research shows every dollar invested in stress prevention is worth $2 - $6 future savings. By better understanding and managing the things that cause us stress, everyone can learn to better handle and manage the stress in their lives.

This session is focused on helping everyone better understand stress in their work and personal lives, and provides insight into the multifaceted approaches that can be used to better manage it. This session will be specifically tailored to best fit your work environment.

Shift Work: How Not to Be the Walking Zombie

Asleep on the job

Did you know that that a worker who is sleep deprived is almost 3X more likely to cause a workplace incident or that unmanaged fatigue contributes to diabetes, obesity and heart disease? Those who work shiftwork understand fatigue on a daily basis. They know unmanaged fatigue can have a significant impact on safety, health, social relationships and…just about everything else.

When work and/or personal requirements cause us to extend our normal waking hours, it is important to recognize the health and safety issues that are created. This session will dispel common myths about sleep, bring forth little known facts, and give many useful and practical strategies that shift workers can use to better manage fatigue.
Having a strategic plan for dealing with fatigue can help workers to take control and proactively manage their risks. Everyone attending should feel more aware and empowered to better manage their fatigue at work and at home and should have a new ‘toolbox of fatigue strategies’ to assist them in better managing the demands of shiftwork.

This session is intended for shift workers and their supervisors. It is designed create awareness and empower workers to better manage their fatigue at work and at home.

How to Sleep Your Way to Success (Alternate presentation titles available)

Want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your health and be safer at work? There is one simple solution - get more sleep! Sleep is integral to our safety and our health, but it is often something we know relatively little about. This session focuses on helping you better understand how fatigue can impact safety and how sleep is often as important as nutrition and exercise in determining our overall health and wellness.

This engaging presentation strives to offer both a health and wellness and a safety perspective. For those who work in a corporate environment Read More


A Risk Based Approach to Fatigue Management

Many organizations intuitively recognize that fatigue influences worker impairment and increases the likelihood of incidents occurring. Traditional approaches to fatigue impairment have focused on workers implementing individual countermeasures, relying on the worker’s ability to assess and manage fatigue. This is akin to relying solely on administrative and PPE controls to mitigate hazards. It relies a great deal on enhanced safety culture and an impaired workers ability to self-assess and then implement proper processes and countermeasures.

A risk-based approach to fatigue management focuses on organizational factors dictated by data-driven assessment and decision making that is then fully integrated into existing safety management systems. This Read More

Psychological Health and Safety in Your Workplace

Stress and other mental health issues cost the Canadian economy an estimated $33 billion a year in lost productivity, not to mention billions more in medical costs, disability management, workplace errors and more. No wonder 83% of Canadian employers rank stress as a top risk factor for their workforce. These proactive employers recognize the importance to invest in human capital; it makes good business sense as research demonstrates that every dollar invested in stress prevention is worth $2 - $6 in future savings. We know that stress, and other psychosocial factors have a strong impact on our workplace, but how do we work to better manage it? What can we do to improve mental health in our work environments? The answer – Plenty! And it’s not that hard to do.

This presentation is designed to empower key stakeholders to better understand stress and other mental health factors in a work environment. It provides an overview of what things cost stress in a work environment and provides insight into strategies that help employees better manage stress and work life balance.

This presentation is targeted to senior leaders, HR, health and safety, supervisors and managers, JHSC members and other key stakeholders working to improve the psychological health and safety in the organization.


Eye on Fatigue – Moving Beyond Compliance

More and more organizations are becoming aware of the health and safety implications of fatigue in the workplace. There is both intuitive and empirical evidence available to demonstrate health and safety risks related to fatigue. Knowing that sleep deprived employees are almost 3 times more likely to cause a workplace accident, and that over 20% of fatal collisions involve driver fatigue, it's no wonder fatigue is considered one of the top five causal factors in workplace incidents and has made the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) top 10 most wanted safety improvements list every year from its inception.

This session is focused on arming safety leaders with the background information they need to better understand the risks and mitigation strategies for effective fatigue management. It will provide a solid business case identifying key business drivers for implementation of comprehensive strategies. It operates on the assumption of management and worker co-responsibilities for effective fatigue management by identifying the organizational requirements, as well as worker strategies, to be implemented.

This session is focused on safety personnel, safety committees, mangers, or senior leaders who want to better understand the risks associated with fatigue.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. How Does Your EQ Influence Your Safety Leadership?

You may have heard the buzz about emotional intelligence, or EQ, the concept that we can measure and even improve our skills in managing our emotions and creating relationships with others. In practical terms, this means we can learn to increase our ability to manage our own emotions, and then enhance our impact on others, developing stronger relationships. But how can our EQ be developed to influence safety?

Emotional intelligence is a proven concept that has been shown to improve our leadership potential. By understanding the brain science and basic learned behaviours, we can learn to improve our existing EQ to Read More


Event, Conference and Keynote Presentations Given

ASSP National conference 2021 Austin TX
NASA  2021 (All Agencies via Webinar)
HP Hood Fatigue Leadership Training 2021 (via Webinar)
Fleet Safety Leadership Council 2021 (via Webinar)
Mercer Celgar Pulp Mill Fatigue Leadership Training 2021 (via Webinar)
The Podclass Podcast on fatigue management for teachers 2021 pre recorded
NASA (Plum Brook Research Center) 2019 Ohio
NASA (Glenn Research Center) 2019 Ohio
RUSA (Rural Utilities and Safety Association) 2019 Red Deer
BCCSA (British Columbia Construction Safety Association) 2019 Vancouver
PENSKE Logistics (Two Day Executive Management Seminar) 2019 Houston
NASA (Johnson Space Centre) (Opening Keynote) 2018 Houston
ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals) 2018 San Antonio
Direct Delivery Industry Leadership Council (Keynote) 2018 Minneapolis
Missouri Mining Conference (Keynote) 2018 Osage Beach
Alberta Hospitality Industry Conference (Opening Keynote) 2018 Jasper
Alberta Securities Commission 2018 Calgary
IBEW Spring Conference 2018 Saint John
  • ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) 2017 Denver
  • CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers) Edmonton 2017 Edmonton
  • National Construction Safety Association 2017 Edmonton
  • Direct Delivery Industry Leadership Council 2017 San Diego
  • JD Irving (8 Divisions) 2016 Saint John
  • WorkSafe NB (Keynote Speaker) 2016 Moncton
  • IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) 2016 Fredericton
  • AASP (Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships) 2016 Calgary
  • SWIFT (Airside Operations) Conference 2016 Minneapolis
  • CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers) 2016 Vancouver
  • DDLC (Direct Delivery Leadership Council) 2016 Minneapolis
  • ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) Top Rated Speaker at Conference 2016 Atlanta
  • Rockwater Energy 2016 Fox Creek
  • Stantec Engineering 2016 Red Deer
  • County of Smoky Lake 2016 Smoky Lake
  • CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers) New Brunswick (Keynote) 2016 Halifax
  • SSNB (Safety Services New Brunswick) (Keynote Speaker) 2016 Moncton
  • HRIA (Human Resources Institute of Alberta) 2016 Calgary
  • CSSE Leadership Development Program 2016 Calgary
  • SSNS (Safety Services Nova Scotia) 2016 Halifax
  • RUSA Conference (Keynote Speaker) 2015 Red Deer
  • Black & McDonald (Keynote Speaker) 2015 Halifax
  • UCAR/NCAR Atmospheric Research Aviation Facility (Keynote Speaker) 2015 Boulder
  • University of Alabama Guest Lecture 2015 Online
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers 2015 Ottawa
  • Provincial Health and Safety Conference 2015 Banff
  • ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) Foundation - Advising) 2015 Dallas
  • City of Edmonton Safety Day (Keynote Speaker) 2015 Edmonton
  • City of Edmonton Health and Wellness Fair 2015 Edmonton
  • HRIA (Human Resources Institute of Alberta) Conference 2015 Edmonton
  • DOW Chemical Plant 2015 Prentice
  • Safety Services Nova Scotia Conference 2015 Halifax
  • Nova Scotia Fisheries Safety Association 2015 Halifax
  • AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) 2015 Edmonton
  • AMHSA (Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association) 2015 Red Deer
  • CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) Calgary Chapter 2014 Calgary
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  • Pason Systems Canada 2014 Calgary
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  • (IOSH) Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Association 2014 Edmonton
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