Human Risk Factor Solutions For Your Company

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FIRA - Fatigue Impact Risk Assessment

This risk assessment process is completed through a combination of documentation review, employee discussions and interviews, and on-site observation. A comprehensive quantitative fatigue risk analysis is provided to your organization to assist you in understanding areas in which your fatigue risk factors are highest.  The final report includes a graphic display of risk factors and a full detailing of suggested mitigation strategies.

FRMS - Fatigue Risk Management Strategy Development

We can assist your organization in creating a customized and comprehensive fatigue risk management strategy that addresses risks specific to your operations.  Implementation of this strategy can reduce risk and liability and can increase safety in relation to incidents caused by worker fatigue impairment.

Psychological Health and Safety

We can help you assess your current workplace climate in relation to psychological health and safety. We can then work with your organization to target high-demand areas and enhance the level of psychological health and safety in your workplace.